Why is It Important to Have Friends at Work?

Are you friendly with the people you work with? Or are you friends with them?

Making friends at work is not only the key to your personal happiness, but also the key to your career success. In fact, you are seven times more likely to be involved in work than others. A new survey by Workplace Comparably found that more than half of more than 33,000 employees in the technology industry report that they have a best friend at work. Although 60% of women said they had close friends at work, 56% of men admitted that they also had best friends at work.

A positive working environment can increase productivity, and employees tend to be more involved in their work. It can also stimulate team cohesion and company potential for greater engagement with motivation. Sharing a meal and small conversations with people who get along in the office makes the day even more enjoyable. We are inevitably happier when the person we like is there, especially when we consider the time we spend in the office. Even if the conversation isn’t going well, you haven’t solved the world’s problems through weather chat, but making friends at work will have a direct impact on your mental health.

A LinkedIn study of relationships at work found 46% of professionals around the world believe having work friends enhances their overall happiness. Connecting with others can make us feel closer, which in turn helps increase productivity and engagement.

“When people experience a more positive inner work life, they will be more creative and productive, including more positive emotions, stronger motivation for work itself, and a more positive view of the organization,” said the Harvard Business Council professor. Teresa Amabile from the school explained that she is a co-author of the principle Progress. “One thing that contributes to a positive inner work life is friendship with teammates and close colleagues — a feeling of connection and mutual trust.”

The author analyzed more than 200 professionals from the innovation teams of 7 companies from almost 12,000 entries in the newspaper. They found that if employees have best friends at work, they are twice as likely to participate.

There are many benefits of having friends in the workplace; here are three of the reasons why you need to make friends at work.

1. You spend most of your time with them

Let’s face it, most of your waking time is spent at work! You see your colleagues more than you see your partner and family. If you don’t have an intimate relationship with anyone at work, it will be excruciating all the time. Seeing a friendly face will make time go by faster than if you were isolated in your cubicle.

2. You’ll have support system

If you work in different departments or have different positions, they can help each other more. No matter how much your loved ones support you, they will not really understand your work. It helps to let a friend go through something similar, because you don’t have to explain that much every time you start a story. They already know what you are going through, who you are dealing with, and will give you valuable suggestions on how to solve problems and achieve your goals.

3. You’ll improve your communication skills

Talking to a friend may be different from talking to your supervisor, but any small communication will help. Having a friendly conversation at work will give you more opportunities for communication, so when it’s time to accept the boss, you are already at work. Having a friendly conversation can also help reduce stress, so when you are one-on-one with your main boss, you will be more relaxed and less likely to jump guns or behave unreasonably.

So, after reading this, are you going to make friends at work?




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